Bomber (paperback)
Bomber (paperback)
Bomber (paperback)
Bomber (paperback)
Bomber (paperback)

Bomber (paperback)

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Book 3 in the War Brothers MC series

Bomber is a must read for people who love:

✓MC romance
✓Romantic suspense 
✓Second chance
✓Return to hometown
✓All the MC family feels

Love, loyalty, and mystery collide in this MC romance novel  


I won’t lose her again.

But our family secrets could tear us apart…

It’s been ten years since I was forced to let Zara go. I joined the military and fought hard to forget her, but since I returned home to become our club’s Sergeant at Arms, I’ve always watched from afar to make sure she’s safe.

Now Zara is back in Crown Village on the anniversary of a traumatic event that changed her family forever. And I can’t stay away.

I can see the longing for me in her eyes, yet she hesitates to get too close. She’s scared to trust me again, and I don’t blame her.

When new information linked to her family tragedy comes to light, I’m determined to help solve the mystery and find the answers she needs because the War Brothers MC protects our own.

But digging up the past means revealing secrets that someone wants to remain dead and buried. And when they’re uncovered, they have the power to destroy our bond forever…


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