Axle (eBook)

Axle (eBook)

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Book 1 in the War Brothers MC series

Axle is a must read for people who love:

✓MC romance
✓Opposites attract 
✓Dating app
✓Different worlds

✓All the MC family feels


She’s the one woman I shouldn’t want.

But I’ll do anything to have her…

I’m exactly the type of guy Elena should stay away from.

Sweet, innocent women like her don’t look for relationships in motorcycle clubs. Especially one as classy and out of my league as Elena.

I still can’t resist swiping right on her dating profile for fun. I never imagined we’d be a match.

While I’m growing tired of the women at the clubhouse, I know I’d only be a quick thrill for her. But then my club brother Viper goes and ups the stakes: he bets me one thousand dollars that I won’t be able to have a relationship with Elena.

If I’m going to win this bet, I’ll have to turn on the charm and not let her see my rough side. And like my other hookups, I can’t let it get personal.

Until I let my guard down and fall harder than I dreamed possible.

Which means I’ve got to make sure as hell that Elena never finds out about our bet…


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